Sinotruk signs strategic cooperative agreement with SEM Machinery (Photo)
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On Dec 12, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperative agreement between Sinotruk and SEM Mechinary was held in Jinan. President of Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Limited Cai Dong and chairman and general manager of SEM Machinery Paul Blackburn signed on the protocol.

Chairman of the board of Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Limited Ma Chunji attended the signing ceremony. Leaders from SEM Machinery including Ruan Zhao, Liu Wanyan, Liu Changquan and Wang Jiandong etc also attended the ceremony.

Sinotruk is the most important domestic heavy duty truck and high-power engine manufacturing base, whose Sitaier engine enjoys great prestige in China by the virtue of its mature, reliable, economic and environmental-friendly. SEM Machinery is the wholly-owned subsidiaries and core member of global manufacturing system of the world’s largest construction machinery Caterpillar, as well as one of the backbones of domestic shovel loader manufacturers. The aim of the cooperation is to forge strategic cooperative partners on the facet of engine power, and launch comprehensively close cooperation on the aspects such as the R & D of the products, the insurance of distribution, the improvement of quality, marketing and after-sales services etc, doing more accurate, more particular and stronger to realize win-win.

On the signing ceremony, Cai Dong and Paul Blackburn gave enthusiastic speeches successively, highly evaluated the significance of the strategic cooperation and looked forward to the splendid prospect of the cooperation.

On the ceremony, chief engine inspector as well as chairman of Sinotruk Sales Department of Engine Wang Gensheng and deputy general manager of SEM Machinery Wang Jiandong singed service agreement.

It is said that Sinotruk Sitaier engine began to enter the field of construction machinery engine in 2008. Since 2010, SEM Machinery began to use Sinotruk engine. After two years’ sincere cooperation and endeavor, both Sinotruk Sitaier engine for shovel loader and SEM Machinery shovel loader have been improved in the aspects such as performance, quality and after-sales services etc, and gained reputation of customer. After the singing of the agreement, SEM Machinery obtained superior power resources of Sinotruk, further improving its competitive capacity; while by the virtue of this opportunity, Sinotruk further expanded its market within the field of construction machinery, expanding larger space for the development within this field.

cooperative agreement with SEM Machinery